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Xtreme engineering

Afcons completed the Extension of Lake Victoria Water Supply Project,
in 2020, under the aegis of the Ministry of Water & Irrigation,
Govt of Tanzania. "The project has brought about a major shift
in the lives and attitudes of people,"

Says Shambhu Singh, Project Controller,
Extension of Lake Victoria Water Supply Project
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Extension of Lake Victoria Water Supply Project
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Fourteen Afconians volunteer to participate in
Chotte Scientist programme, in its second year,
as mentors of tribal children for a cause

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Ashramshala 2020

BoX Office

Year 2 of the Chotte Scientist programme at the Tribal Ashramshala in Raigad was all about being Bigger, Better, Bolder. Watch how the event unfolded!

Ashramshala 2020 Ashramshala 2020


Afcons team recently erected the first Pier Cap of
the Priority Section of the Kanpur Metro project.
Here are some of the interesting facts behind this milestone...

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Kanpur Metro


Capt Sandeep Agarwal, CEO & Director, Gopalpur Port Limited, commends Afcons' work in completing major work of Gopalpur Port project despite the port facing devastating cyclonic storms in the last two years

Capt Sandeep Agarwal Capt Sandeep Agarwal

Afcons fights Covid 19