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Chalinze Water Treatment Plant Project

Afcons is rehabilitating and completing balance works at Chalinze Water Treatment Plant in rural Tanzania. The company is also creating secondary and tertiary distribution networks and constructing reservoirs, water treatment plants and water kiosks. The project was awarded to Afcons by Dar-Es-Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority, Tanzania (DAWASA).

Afcons is constructing:

• A pipeline (DI and HDPE) network of 194.7km
9 Ground Service Reservoirs (GSR) and 9 Elevated Service Reservoirs (ESR)
10 Submersible/Centrifugal Pumps for supply
28 Submersible/Centrifugal Pumps for testing and commissioning
53 water kiosks and carrying out balance works on 298 water kiosks

The company is also undertaking balance as well as rehabilitation work on the existing water treatment facility.


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