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The Arch of the Chenab Railway Bridge

On April 5, 2021, the world witnessed the arch closure of the World's Highest Railway Bridge. While the construction of the rest of the bridge continues, the arch completion in itself was monumental. This one-of-a-kind arch is blast-proof, meaning it is built in such a way that even if one of its elements or steel piers collapses/gets damaged due to blast, the arch will remain intact and keep the entire bridge safe.

Here are some mindblowing numbers:

• Length of arch - 549.95m
• Total steel used - 10619 MT
• Arch concrete volume - 2392 cum
• Pylons Height - Kauri side:127m,
   Bakkal Side:106m
World's Largest Cross bar Cable Crane:
a) Two Cross bar Cranes with maximum lifting capacity of 20 MT each
b) These Cranes can also be operated in tandem for increasing the lifting capacity to 36 MT
c) Each crane is 40m long
d) The cross bar can travel a distance of 915 m between two pylons
e) The travel speed of cross bar is 2.5m/sec
f) The maximum hoisting speed is 2m/sec in load conditions

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