Being an AFCONIAN means being part of a revolution in Infrastructure Development. Year after year, the AFCONS FAMILY keeps growing bigger and stronger. Many of our employees have been with the company for decades and they have grown with the organization.

AFCONS is in need of more individuals who can make a difference. If you have the zeal to perform and contribute in the development of infrastructure assets for India and overseas then AFCONS is your destination.

We are proud to have a dynamic Human Resource (HR) set up in the organization which not only hires the finest professionals but also ensures continual learning and development for each and every individual.
HR Initiatives
Our goal is to enable employees maximize their contribution while also maintaining effectiveness between work and personal lives. By creating a framework for managing Work/Life effectiveness, we enhance our ability to develop and retain our employees and demonstrate our commitment to creating a great place to work and follow the AFCONS Innovative Culture.
Total Satisfaction Model
The Total Satisfaction Model provides covenants for both the organisation and the individual. According to our Honorable MD, Mr K. Subramanian, “Total Satisfaction is total and enhanced value creation for all stakeholders of AFCONS”. The model focuses on the following:
    a. Training & Development
    b. Compensation Package
    c. Stretched Targets & Goals
    d. Interactive Communication
    e. Conducive Work Environment
    f. Incentive, Reward and Recognition
    g. Ultimate Brand
    a. Involvement & Commitment
    b. Ability to take on stretch targets
    c. Ability to balance individual aspiration with organisational needs
    d. Ability to take responsibility for results
    e. Ability to be a team player
    f. Honesty and Integrity
At AFCONS, we have taken many effective training and development initiatives at our HO as well as at sites for our employees, which were planned and implemented at various levels. Some of the innovative initiatives taken are - Launch of E-Learning HR Induction Modules, Whole Wellness Activities, Project Specific Functional Workshops, Certification in Project Management (CIPM), Mechanical Workshops ,Classroom @ site & HO, etc. to name a few.

We are transforming towards a ‘Learning Organisation’ with modern practical values, and going forward, learning and development will be a continuous process for us.
  • Corporate Training :
    AFCONS' training aims at building the whole journey of 'Total Satisfaction' for employees and moving towards a sustainable growth.
  • Classroom @ sites/HO :
    It's a knowledge-sharing platform that gives our engineers an opportunity to discuss and understand technical topics and methods to execute work/assignments. It also gives an opportunity to imbibe the art of speaking.
  • E-learning induction – 24x7 :
    The mission of corporate training through E-Learning is to provide the workforce with cost-effective programmes that yield to motivated, skilled and knowledgeable employees. E-Learning caters to training and development activities by moving to advance platform of learning on soft skills and technical knowhow.